I’ve been in the transmission repair industry for almost 40 yrs. In that time, I , and my father before me, have used 4 transmission re-man companies to help us out when things got tight. The only re-man company I continue to use, and the only company that I can completely rely on day in and day out is TDE of Illinois.

I own a small , family- owned business–built on hard work, honesty, word of mouth advertising and the promise that we will do our absolute best to make sure your automatic transmission is at its absolute best when it leaves our shop. That’s why I custom rebuild almost each transmission that needs to be rebuilt here in house. But occasionally, there is a situation where I just can’t justify rebuilding a transmission. That’s when I call TDE. The quality of workmanship, and the dedication of the staff there ensure that I receive the best product possible, and in a very timely manner. And, in the rare case that there is a problem with their product, they take care of it RIGHT NOW. There’s no tying up a lift or “we don’t have another unit…you’ll have to send it back so we can see what the problem is.” Bill, Danny, Melanie, Jennifer, Rene, and all the staff there are always ready to help in any way that’s needed to make sure that my customer is getting the closest thing to a custom built transmission possible, and they’re the ONLY re-manufactured transmissions that I’ll install in my shop.
Bill and Danny are also more than happy to answer any questions I may have if it happens to be a transmission that I am not accustomed to having in my shop, and always strive to give me the latest information available if I need it to make sure my customer gets a high-quality product installed in their vehicle—one that will give them many years of trouble free service.

Thanks, TDE of Illinois, for being there when I just can’t do it myself!

Joey Campbell
Campbell’s Transmission Service
Ridgeway, VA

Cars break down and when that happens you want to be taken care of, as soon as possible with little to no inconvenience, and that is why I go to TDE. I have been working with the company for the last 5 years and I always leave satisfied. With their competitive pricing and able-bodied technicians, I can get my car on the road in no time at all!! So, to sum up what I think of TDE, if you want to able to drive your car and not have it be in the shop all week, go to the best, TDE, and skip the rest for all your transmission needs. A big shout out to Jim and Jenn for always making business a pleasure.

Mercedes Benz of Hoffman Estates
Hoffman Estates, IL

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